The Creative Flywheel

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The Creative Flywheel

Time & Location

Aug 29, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Bounce Innovation Hub

Akron, OH, USA

Who this is for:

We are seeking passionate healthcare providers who want to make an impact. We strongly encourage applications from all provider types including physicians, advanced practice providers (PA-C, NP, etc), nurses, medical students, residents, and others.

What you will learn:

med+Design teaches an Empathy-first approach to innovation. This half-day in person workshop provides healthcare providers with the skills to translate their direct experience with complex problems in healthcare into a format that launches creative, practical new solutions. We call this dynamic between insight and divergent ideas the Creative Flywheel. You will come away with a new creative mindset, tools, and techniques to start your learning as a Design Thinking practitioner.  Attendees should be prepared to attend the full workshop activities and watch the 4 video presentations in advance of the workshop.


Innovation teams of 2-5 people will be able to practice their skills through an active learning process that utilizes a pre-selected problem statement. Individuals without an existing team will be matched with others to form a team for the duration of the workshop. All teams will work on the same problem statement for this half-day workshop as a non-confidential learning experience. Teams that wish to continue their journey after the workshop will be invited to the med+Design coaching program that is protected under nondisclosure agreements.


med+Design by Trig is providing the Creative Flywheel workshop series for aspiring medical innovators in the Akron, Ohio area. The workshop is valued at $500 per participant and we are exploring grant funding for participants. There is a limit of 6 teams and 30 participants. We ask that you express your interest in the workshop and problem topic by applying below.


Ty Hagler

Jared Gabaldon

Stephen Lindamood

Brian Himelright

Chloe Grote

Please thank our sponsors:

Project MedTech

Bounce Innovation Hub

Global Health Impact Network

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Workshop Content

  • Design Thinking and Insight Statements
  • Need Statements and Levels of Alignment
  • Divergent Ideation
  • Synthesis and Convergent Ideation

Workshop Schedule

  • August --

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